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New and Expectant Parents

The Joys and Challenges of New Parenthood and Coping Strategies

The first session at my West Berks studio is for you as parents and with your baby to think together with me about your hopes, and how these can shape your expectations of one another.

We look together at: 
*Joys and challenges of new parenthood
*Exploring coping strategies for new families
*Strengthening new relationships for both new parents with their infant
*‘Feeling good enough’ – thinking about realistic goals 
*Enabling clearer communication, sharing feelings and hopes

Everyone has meaningful early experiences in their lives. We think a little about each parent’s own early experiences and how and whether these shape our expectations of being parents.

  • Why Love Matters  Gerhardt, Sue: Routledge 2004:
    ‘There is remarkably little recognition that the adult’s brain is itself formed by experiences starting in the womb, or that these may have contributed to a predisposition to depression’
  • Parent Infant Conference January 2020
    Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and Parent Infant Foundation:

    Children’s Commissioner Emily Frith:
    A Crying Shame address: 
    “3,300 babies are living in extremely high risk households”.  
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