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Lauraine Leigh Klugman

MA Psychoanalytic Studies, Dramatherapist, Arts Therapist/Psychotherapist,
Registered with the Health Professions Council and the General Teaching Council

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Twenty years’ experience as a dramatherapist working with children, teenagers
and their parents, in schools, private practice and the NHS.

Teaching led me to train in 1994 as a dramatherapist. An MA in Psychoanalytical Studies at The Tavistock (2007) has enabled me firmly to base my psychotherapeutic approach in Winnicott, Bowlby (Attachment) and Klein, combined with Jennings’ developmental dramatherapy model (Embodiment Projection Role, EPR) (1990).

enabling creativity, sociability, communication and learning.
Eds: Lauraine Leigh Irvine Gersch Ann Dix Deb Haythorne. Published by Routledge 2012.
Dramatherapy with Children, Young People and Schools
Enabling Creativity, Sociability, Communication and Learning

Lauraine Leigh Klugman works in accordance with The British Association of Dramatherapists Code of Practice (
Privacy terms regarding her collection, use and storage of data are available to clients.

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